CS battle gun voice IC chip program recommendation

CS battle gun voice IC chip program recommendation

1.Background of CS gun industry

The increasingly deteriorating urban environment and stressful life have become the iconic labels of today's society, and health is an issue that all of us attach great importance to.The word health will soon take on the status of first brother.Health includes medical products, health care supplies, nutritious food, medical instruments, health care appliances, leisure and fitness.But when it comes to health care and food, direct selling comes to mind. Direct selling has a bad reputation in China, and many people avoid it.Therefore, the leisure and fitness industry is the most stable.All of us are eager to relax, reduce stress and strengthen our bodies through close contact with nature.But the real person CS laser gunfight is one kind of collection movement and the game in a body, the tension stimulation high-tech entertainment activity.

2.CS gun main functions

The CS of real people are mainly divided into four categories: paintball, BB ball, laser and water ball.At present, the most popular one in the world is the real person CS of BB bomb. In foreign countries, the authenticity of the site, the performance of the equipment and the degree of simulation are generally considered, and the most authentic scene feeling is pursued.Note: there is no cs of BB bomb in China. Since BB bomb guns are high imitation guns, they are prohibited in China

3.CS gun adds value to voice functionality

CS combat gun to add voice broadcast function, can increase the user's sense of substitution, let the user use more real.

4.The typical voice of CS gun

  • Battle begins;
  • End of fighting;
  • System reset;
  • You have been killed, please return to the base for standby;

5. electric toothbrush recommend voice chip

WTN7 series voice chip: cost-effective voice chip, clear and loud voice, simple circuit, small size, for a one-time burning OTP voice IC, using the most widely used SOP8 packaging.At present, there are two kinds of chips, WTN7080 and WTN7170, which are respectively 80 seconds and 170 seconds (6khz sampling rate), with 16-level volume control and ultra-low power consumption.Based on WTN7 series chip, it can be used for CS battle gun voice program.

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