The Difference between Integrated Circuits and Chips

Chips are the collective name of semiconductor components. It is the carrier of integrated circuit, which is made up of wafers.

Chip is an abbreviation of integrated circuit. In fact, the real meaning of the word chip refers to a little bit of large semiconductor chip inside the integrated circuit package, that is, the core. Strictly speaking, chips and integrated circuits are not interchangeable.


Integrated circuits are manufactured by semiconductor technology, thin film technology and thick film technology. Anyone who miniaturizes a certain functional circuit and makes it in a certain encapsulated circuit form can be called integrated circuits.

Chips generally refer to the carrier of integrated circuits. They are also the results of the design, manufacture, packaging and testing of integrated circuits. They are usually an independent whole that can be used immediately.

Integrated circuit entities often exist in the form of chips, because the narrow sense of integrated circuits emphasizes the circuit itself, such as the phase-shift oscillator formed by only five components connected together. When it is still on the drawing, we can also call it integrated circuit. When we want to use this small integrated circuit, it must be a separate solid. Things, or embedded in larger integrated circuits, rely on chips to play its role; integrated circuits focus more on circuit design and layout wiring, chips emphasize circuit integration, production and packaging. Generalized integrated circuits, when it comes to industries (different from other industries), can also include various meanings related to chips.

Chips also have their own unique features. Generally speaking, as long as the semiconductor chip is manufactured by means of micro-fabrication, it can be called chips. There are not necessarily circuits in it.


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