Common types of programmable voice chips

Common types of programmable voice chips
1. Recordable type: you can record and play
ISD series: a series of chips from 10s to 16 minutes, using FLASHRAM flash memory as the IC as the medium, the voice can be saved after power off. Features: There is no single-chip microcomputer inside, which is cumbersome to control; easy to lose data; the price of chip and programmer is high.
APR series: APR9301 is a single 30-second recording and playback voice chip, and APR9600 is a 40s to 60s multi-segment voice length adjustable recording and playback chip, which can be recorded and played in sections. Features: inconvenient control; easy to lose data; high chip price.
PM50 series: using single-chip microcomputer + voice processor + FLASHRAM structure, 20s to 400s, can be repeatedly erased. Features: convenient control; higher chip price.
WT series: WTSRB006A is a simple SRAM recording and playback chip. The recording time can be changed in the range of 4-8S by adjusting the frequency of the oscillation resistor. Features: simple recording and playback circuit; short voice storage time; low price.
2. Disposable (OTP)
APLUS series: The PROM memory is inside the chip, and the voice file can be burned in. It cannot be changed later. There are API8108 (10s can be divided into 8 segments), API8208 (20s can be divided into 8 segments), API840N (40s can be divided into 32 segments), AP8821 (21s up to 15 segments), AP8842 (42s up to 30 segments), among which AP8821 and AP8842 can choose microcontroller Parallel port control and key control. This series features: more flexible control and lower price.
WT series: The WT series has a one-time programmable voice chip from 40s to 340s. It can select single-chip serial port control and key control. The grouping can be up to 128 groups. The triggering method is more flexible and has functions such as playing polyphonic music. Features: flexible control, powerful functions and low price.
3. Mask type
Standard film (standard sound source type): Standard products produced in large quantities, such as various alarm sounds, parking voice, are very cheap. Such characteristics cannot be changed according to their own conditions, including sound quality, tone, and control methods.
Custom sound source type: The user specializes in production according to their own requirements. After design and development, making samples, confirming samples, chip ordering from tens of thousands of chips, confirming chips, delivering and other processes, the larger the number, the larger the number. The lower the price on the chip. The feature is that it cannot be produced in small batches quickly, and the initial investment is large.


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