How does the speech recognition chip burn (voice), can the computer write voice to the voice chip?

The programming of the voice chip is based on different types of chips, and there are different options, as follows:
The role of voice chip
1. As the name suggests, it is the function of adding voice broadcasts on the product, and the voice is played out.
2, common such as: parking lot report amount, elevator station, truck report "left turn, please pay attention", etc., the application is very extensive
The types of voice chips, but the main categories are basically three:

1, the first, called OTP, is the voice chip of the SOP8 package, built-in several commonly used voices, solidified dead after the factory, can not be modified, this is burned through a dedicated burner, It is also possible that the light has been infiltrated when the wafer is being produced. This requires a large amount, so it is not flexible.
2, the second, called flash voice chip, usually a main control chip plug-in a spiflash, the main control chip is unchanged, and flash can be repeatedly burned, but the voice often only supports wav, ADMP, Therefore, the sound quality will be very poorly compressed, and the capacity required for flash is also large, not worthwhile. Representatives such as WT588D, this is through the spiflash burner to complete the burning of the voice.
3, the third, is now the best KT404A chip, he is supporting MP3 decoding, compared to the previous two in technology is a leap, the MP3 this excellent technology applied to the voice chip, while his powerful usb The direct virtual flash becomes a USB flash drive, so it is very convenient to update the voice. It is possible to copy the voice directly like a copy of the USB flash drive.


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