The advent and rise of multi-modal programmable speech chips

The advent and rise of multi-modal programmable speech chips.
In the development of AI technology to industrialization, an obvious trend today is that multi-modal AI capabilities are significantly accelerating. Especially AI models that combine speech recognition, semantic understanding, and machine vision tasks. If you want to optimize the computational efficiency of similar tasks, the acceleration of multi-modality on the chip side becomes very important. Maybe what we need in the future are machine sensor chips, not voice chips or multimedia chips.
These development logics each correspond to new technological challenges and opportunities for change. There is no doubt that although China's AI voice seems to be booming today, there is still a long way to go before it can be mass-produced in applications and partially replace the current demand for chip imports.
There are tens of millions of industries like voice chips in China. We can only encourage development, gather talents, and seek to find opportunities to swap seats in new technological upheavals.
We did lose a lot in the past, but fortunately, we can imagine the future


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