The application fields of the sound chip recordable are very wide

The application fields of the sound chip recordable are very wide, such as gift recording roses, toy recording teddy bears, communication recording answering machines, and reporter recording pens.
Applications in these fields are due to the following irreplaceable advantages of sound chip recordable:
Long-time recording module recording chip, intelligent repeatable recording and playback function, and various functions can be customized; it has different voice prompts according to different applications; supports direct key control and single-chip serial port control; sampling rate is 8KHz during recording , The sound quality of recording and playback is good;
Fixed voice supports 6KHz ~ 24KHz sampling rate; microphone live recording, direct recording of analog signal sound with audio cable, and software to write digital voice, and other sound source loading methods; use USB port to download voice information, fast transmission speed; powerful supporting functions The host computer operating software is simple and clear to operate; independent fixed voice area and live recording area; high-end intelligent fool software supports WAV, MP3, ADPCM download, and supports recording content upload; adopts low power consumption mode, suitable for long-term work; most It can record 256 segments of voice, the minimum segment length is not limited by time; it can record 30 minutes to 16 hours (depending on the external NAND-FLASH) high-quality voice;
Working voltage: DC3.3V or DC5V.
Description: Record the voice information from the microphone, analog sound source, and computer software to the recording module, and send control instructions (such as pulses, microcomputer data information, etc.) to the WTV-NAND recording module at the control end, which can trigger the recording module to play the recorded alarm voice.
Support 16MByte to 256MByte NAND-Flash.

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