Voice recognition chip to control the benefits of the refrigerator

First, our company profile
Shenzhen Weichuang Zhiyin Electronics Co., Ltd. (formerly Guangzhou Wei Chuang Electronics Co., Ltd.)--founded in 1999, established Beijing branch in 2006, and established Shenzhen branch in 2008. At present, the company has moved to Shenzhen Baoan COFCO Fuan Robot Industry Park, our company is a high-tech company that integrates voice chip, voice module research and development, voice product design, voice product production, voice PC software development, smart home, smart home appliances, Internet of Things services, and software and hardware strength.

Second, the product industry background
The refrigerator is a kind of refrigeration equipment that maintains a constant low temperature, and is also a civilian product that keeps food or other items at a constant low temperature and cold state. The cabinet has a compressor, a cabinet or box for the ice machine to freeze, and a storage box with a refrigeration unit.
The volume of a household refrigerator is usually 20 to 500 liters. In 1910, the world's first domestic refrigerator with compression refrigeration was introduced in the United States. In 1925, the Swedish Lido Company developed a household absorption refrigerator. In 1927, General Electric Company of the United States developed a fully enclosed refrigerator. In 1930, air-cooled continuous diffusion absorption refrigerators with different heating methods were put on the market. In 1931, a new refrigerant, Freon, was successfully developed. In the latter half of the 1950s, domestic thermoelectric refrigerators were produced. China began to produce refrigerators in the 1950s.

Third, the refrigerator control method
1. There are 0 to 4 gears or 0 to 7 gears on the refrigerator thermostat, of which 0 is the stop gear, 5 to 7 is the strong refrigeration gear, and the compressor of the refrigerator in this gear It will show a state of no downtime.
2. The larger the number on the refrigerator thermostat, the lower the temperature inside the refrigerator. In the spring and autumn, we adjust the thermostat to generally modulate the temperature by 3 files.
3, in order to better achieve the purpose of food preservation and power saving, in the summer we can adjust the thermostat to 1 or 2, and adjust it to 4 or 5 in winter.

Fourth, the value of refrigerator voice control
Voice control is currently the most efficient and convenient way to interact with humans.
It is common to control the start, close, and mode switching of the refrigerator by pressing the switch. Smart is controlled by remote control, even through mobile APP, but the above solution is not the most convenient solution. The refrigerator plus voice recognition can identify and control the home appliance by speaking, compared to before going to the switch. The switch, the control of the refrigerator by voice recognition is the most convenient and convenient.


Five, induction cooker voice control terms:
1, boot
2, shut down
3, increase the temperature
4, lower the temperature
5, switch mode
(More voice terms can be customized)

6. Voice control scheme suitable for use in refrigerators:
WTK690B speech recognition scheme, wake-up speech recognition, reduce misidentification, excellent recognition effect, recognition distance up to 3 meters, 6-7 meters in quiet environment, for home appliances, this recognition distance is enough to control the rate of high recognition Refrigerator, the price has a competitive advantage.http://www.wtvoiceic.com/

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